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GammaBoost® is the remarkable new app that lets you explore the potential anti-Alzheimer's effects of gamma-frequency light therapy.

The GammaBoost® app was developed in response to numerous published scientific studies, such as those by the National Institute on Aging1 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology2. These animal studies have shown that viewing a light that flashes in the Gamma Brainwave Frequency Range can diminish the beta amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer's and memory loss.

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GammaBoost® is designed for simplicity and ease of use:

  • Touching START flashes the LED at the Gamma rate of 40 flashes per second
  • Just keep the reflection in your peripheral vision - don't look directly at the LED
  • Turns off automatically after one hour
  • Plays a notification sound
  • Daily one-hour use is suggested

To keep track of usage and results, the GammaBoost® app logs dates and minutes of usage.

If you are over 50, use GammaBoost® daily as a preventive measure. If you, or someone you love, is already suffering, GammaBoost® may curb memory loss and combat some of the terrible effects of the disease. Download the GammaBoost® app today!

The original GammaBoost® was a desktop device, which led to the development of the GammaBoost® smartphone app. This is a testimonial from a user of that original device:


"With the onset of temporal lobe Alzheimer's, D. was starting to show bouts of anger and agitation. I have not seen that to any degree since he started using his wonderful GammaBoost®. His ability to stay on task has increased. He seems more interested in things outside himself, while before GammaBoost® he was becoming increasingly self absorbed. He is remembering that the gardener is here and takes him coffee on Saturday mornings. For a while I was nervous when D. drove. I am not anymore. He is not making wrong turns and acting like he does not remember the route.

I think the light has made a difference. I am convinced GammaBoost® has made a significant contribution to D.'s health."

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2 Iaccarino, H.F., et al. Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia. Nature. 2016 Dec 7;540(632):230-235.