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Available in the App Store, May 1st
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The original GammaBoost® was a discrete device. This is a testimonial from the first user of that device, which led to the development of the GammaBoost smartphone app:

"With the onset of temporal lobe Alzheimer's, D. was starting to show bouts of anger and agitation. I have not seen that to any degree since he started using his wonderful GammaBoost. His ability to stay on task has increased. He seems more interested in things outside himself, while before GammaBoost he was becoming increasingly self absorbed. He is remembering that the gardener is here and takes him coffee on Saturday mornings. For a while I was nervous when D. drove. I am not anymore. He is not making wrong turns and acting like he does not remember the route.

I think the light has made a difference. I am convinced GammaBoost has made a significant contribution to D.'s health."


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